Encouraging production, consumption and marketing of indigenous vegetables is now a major activity of ROP. It seeks to address food security, micronutrient deficiency and at the same time boosts family income.

The second major project has involved the engagement of farmers in various activities aimed at boosting food output and thus working toward food security at household and community levels. The Project aims at ensuring that the community obtains a comprehensive ‘food basket’ comprising various high yielding crops and livestock. Various crops are being promoted to ensure food production in a sustainable manner that can guarantee resource- poor farmers quality livestock as indicated by good nutrition, steady income, and a well preserved environment. The Indigenous Vegetable Project is a major agricultural activity that addresses food security, micronutrient deficiency and boosts family incomes by encouraging the production and consumption of African leafy vegetables.

Scaling up Integrated Soil Fertility Management (ISFM) systems in Western Kenya to enhance Smallholder Incomes and Food Security and Nutrition
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Visit by Samuel Rigu - Safi Organics Ltd on 27/10/2016 at ROP head office in Nairobi readmore....


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