The main objective of this project is to increase the level of women’s access to and control of economic resources. It seeks to achieve this through research and advocacy as well as encouraging increased access to credit, land and agricultural extension services.

Women’s groups have been provided with dairy cattle through a scheme that will ensure each one of the members gets a dairy cow, providing family with milk for both home consumption and sale. This has raised the socio-economic status of the family and community, and enhanced the profile of the beneficial women, both in the home and in the community. The number of families that have benefited from this project continues to grow. Currently standing at 60, the number should hit the 200 mark by mid 2005, thanks to Monsanto Foundation support that will see us distribute 100 more dairy animals in the third quarter of this year.

Provision of seed funds supports income generating activities of women groups. These funds enable the group’s project to move to a higher level of operation. Technical back-stopping and close monitoring and supervision accompany this provision. This is an aspect that has attracted many otherwise idle and unemployed high school graduates into the program. Over 50 groups have benefited from this project activity since its inception in 1999. By extension, therefore, over one thousand rural women have enjoyed direct benefits accruing from the project.

“They are actually builders of today’s nation, do support them”.

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