Water and Sanitation

The highest priority for ROP’s Water and Sanitation program is improving and optimizing access to safe water and helping provide adequate sanitation to all.

Our water project is virtually the epicenter and premier activity of our community development work. Here, cost-effective activities are undertaken together with the community to protect natural springs so they can deliver clean, potable water. Communities make contributions to these activities both materially and in-kind. They also form committees to maintain the facility. The water activity has been used as an entry point into these communities. Further collaboration with the community very much depends on their participation in the water project. Afterall, it is their water, and water is LIFE!

Ms Brigitte Frey, a good friend of ROP, donated funds to go towards constructing a well and protection of four springs. Kindly visit this page for the pictorial story of the “Elukaka well”. On behalf of the rural beneficiary community, we Rural Outreach Program say AHSANTE SANA Brigitte.

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